Do what you want. Don’t make it right. High-end dining fused within a dive bar experience, welcome to Two Wrongs…

Behind this after dark destination you’ll find elegant & awkward. Expect to ride a new wave of socialising, in their signature scope of not not serious dining experiences.



Ghetto glam, thank you ma’am. Roller-coast through the rich forest green, calypso pink & glossy gold detailing styled back with a ‘Renaissance résistance’ of graffiti drenched wall art. Inspired by a mash up of polished Milan meets pretty gritty New York & of course, the selective attitude of hometown Melbourne.


Mash fine dining with dive bar and you get ‘fine diving’. At the menu’s mercy is yung-chef Zac Gray, who’s built up his expert hours at the prestigious Rick Stein Seafood, Coda Restaurant & Rosetta Ristorante. The head chef has covered all bases with a vast array of dishes to please all appetites. Expect to feast high-end constructions in a playful manner, marrying flavor pleasures with technique treasures.


Two Wrongs is an after dark destination with many leisurely objectives. One can take a date for the Lara Bingle or South Ra Ra cocktail, a fully-fledged dinner with friends or perhaps reserve a booth for biggie blow-outs. Behind this, the intention is the pursuit of the social high, something not not serious but also a place to connect with & feel like home.